Our Vision

Aerospace Design & Compliance is an Aircraft Engineering and STC Certification company.  Our founding members have decades of experience in engineering, management, FAA and EASA certification, and business development.  The members at Aerospace Design & Compliance have years of expertise as FAA Designated Alteration Station (DAS), and Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) administration and management, as well as EASA Design Organization Approval (DOA) Head of Design management expertise.  Our experience comes from years of service to the industry, including MRO’s, Airframe OEM’s, and some of the leading avionics and equipment manufacturers in the world.

Let the experts do the difficult task of FAA certification and managing the engineering work, while you concentrate on your core business.  We can support your aircraft modification ANYWHERE in the world; whether the aircraft is at an MRO in the US, or sitting at a major overhaul and maintenance facility in Asia,  our certification team and experts (DER’s and DAR’s) can be dispatched to accomplish the required work.